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At Louth Glass, we recommend secondary glazing for anyone looking to insulate their home without having to rip out their original windows. Perfect for period and contemporary homes in Grimsby, Lincoln and throughout Lincolnshire.

secondary glazing



The simple way to deal with condensation, heat loss and rising energy costs

Secondary glazing in an excellent means of insulating your home without having to undergo extensive work on your windows, making it ideal for those looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to double-glazing, as well as owners of period properties.


The addition of an extra, slim-line window to the inside of your existing window will help keep the heat in, keep condensation at bay and reduce the volume of outdoor noise.

We also carry out glazing repairs.

Cross section of a uPVC window profile

It’s the affordable option

Secondary glazing allows you to benefit from improved levels of thermal efficiency, soundproofing and energy efficiency – for less! Ideal if you’re not in a position to have double or triple gazing installed.

row of Georgian period listed houses

Ideal for
listed properties

Live in a listed property or heritage building? You may not be able to install double glazing. Secondary glazing is the ideal solution, preserving the character of the original windows whilst offering improved insulation and energy efficiency.

Reduces condensation and heat loss

Having an extra layer of glazing means the condensation associated with single glazing will be significantly reduced. You’ll experience fewer draughts and less heat loss, making for lower heating bills.

heavy condensation on window pane shot from inside to outside

Quick and
less disruptive to install

Secondary glazing can be installed more quickly than double glazing. And the work involved is less disruptive too, since your existing windows won’t need to be removed and replaced in their entirety.

glaziers installing glass window
row of windows

Contact Louth Glass to chat to us about your needs and arrange a home visit with our friendly team.

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