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soffit at top of house with gutter

Professional and comprehensive roofline repair and replacement services for properties in Grimsby, Lincoln and beyond. Delivered by the experienced Louth Glass team.

Fascias, Soffits, Guttering



Don’t let this vital component of your roof fall into disrepair!

Your fascias, soffits and guttering all perform an important job, providing stability and support to your roof while keeping damp and mould at bay and ensuring rainwater is directed away from your building.


If any of these components have become damaged, then further issues will usually be around the corner. At Louth Glass Ltd, we regularly replace worn-out timber fascias and soffits with high-performing uPVC alternatives that provide decades of reliability. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements with us.

Considered having an Edwardian or lean-to conservatory added to your home?

External view of house, with ladders propper up against the front. White fasci boards are visible

Fascia replacement and repair

Your fascia boards support your roof tiles and keep damp away from your roof cavity, so when they begin to deteriorate, problems will soon follow. We provide repair and replacement using timber or uPVC products.

Brown uPVC soffit under a cloudy blue sky

Soffit replacement and repair

The soffits ensure your rafters are well-protected and free from mould. We can repair failed soffits, as well as provide timber or uPVC replacements.

Guttering replacement and repair

Is water pouring down the front of your house? Are your old, cast-iron gutters visibly in need of repair? We provide quality uPVC guttering replacements that will perform their job reliably and effectively for decades to come.


Quality uPVC roofline products

Fascias, soffits and bargeboards are traditionally made from timber, which is subject to rot and degradation over time. Our uPVC alternatives will provide a cost-effective yet highly durable solution that is resistant to water and will never need repainting.

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Contact Louth Glass to request an inspection of your roofline and get a free quote on your new uPVC guttering, fascias and soffits.

PHONE: 01507 607162

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