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Are you in the window fitting or home improvement trade? Get your quality glass and uPVC products, plus an array of sundries, direct from the Louth Glass team in Lincolnshire.

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We provide a prompt, friendly and reliable service for our trade clients

Louth Glass employ many glass specialists who can provide our customers with a variety of supply-only products. We can provide splashbacks, shelving and fire glass cut to your requirements.


We can also manufacture greenhouse glass: whether you just need one sheet to replace a broken pane or enough glass to cover the entire structure, we can provide it.


Additionally, we can provide bathroom PVC panels, plus DGUs and uPVC for trade purposes. We also supply sundries such as silicone, putty and cleaners for uPVC and glass.

Cut of window profile with metal, glass and insulation

Items we supply to our trade customers throughout Lincolnshire

  • Splashbacks

  • Glass shelves

  • Fire glass

  • Greenhouse glass

  • Bathroom PVC panels

  • DGUs and uPVC

  • A variety of sundries

  • Putty, silicone, glass and uPVC cleaners

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Contact Louth Glass to request the products and parts you need.

PHONE: 01507 607162

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