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Carport with parked car underneath

Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, at Louth Glass our car ports are a simple yet effective way to keep your vehicle protected from the elements.

Car Ports



Aluminium and timber car ports that perfectly complement your property

Don’t have the space for a garage, but still want to provide weather protection for your car? A car port is the perfect solution.


Constructed from aluminium, uPVC or timber, and with roofs available in anything from polycarbonate to glass and metal sheeting, our car ports look great, save space, and provide an excellent covering for your vehicle, day or night.

Why not take a look at our durable, energy efficient fibreglass roofing service?

PolyCarb Roof.jpg

Protect your vehicle
from the elements

Having to park your car outside means it’s always at the mercy of the elements, as well as vandalism from other motorists and passers-by. A car port offers a convenient and effective layer of protection.

car port.jpg

Cheaper and faster to install than a garage

Don’t have the space for a garage or don’t want the extra expense? Car ports are an inexpensive alternative that can be quickly erected and will last for many years to come.

Choose from a variety of materials

We install car ports using aluminium, timber and uPVC, so there’s plenty of choice for homeowners when it comes to style, aesthetics and design. When it comes to the roof, options include glass, polycarbonate, timber and aluminium sheets.

engineering and architecture drawings for new carport with pencil

Space saving and convenient!

Car ports don’t require masonry or doors, which takes up less space and means that the area can be used for other purposes when your vehicle isn’t parked there. The perfect canopy for a barbecue or picnic. And you won’t need planning permission, either!

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row of windows

Contact us today to let us know what you want from your new car port, courtesy of the Louth Glass team.

PHONE: 01507 607162

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