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fibreglass roof

At Louth Glass, we can recommend fibreglass when it comes to conservatory roofs, porch roofs and flat roofs for homes and businesses all over Lincolnshire.

Fibreglass (GRP)



The seamless flat roof covering that is built to STAND the test of time

Fibreglass, or GRP, roofs are growing in popularity for a very good reason: they are vastly superior to the felt traditionally used in flat roofs, offering longer lifespans and greater weather and water resilience.


We provide fibreglass roofs for a variety of structures, which include porches, garages, bay windows, dormer roofs, garden rooms and even conservatories. A long-lasting roofing solution that offers longevity and high-performance.

We carry out fibreglass roofing for our commercial customers too.

Fibreglass roof

Fibreglass conservatory roofs

GRP is an excellent choice for conservatory roofs, providing a solid covering that is thermally efficient, secure and long lasting, whilst making your conservatory look and feel like a true extension.

Fibreglass roof

Fibreglass flat roofs

Flat roof areas such as bays, garages and dormer roofs will benefit from the excellent qualities that GRP brings. A great alternative to felt that will provide years of weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

Lightweight yet durable

GRP roofing is lightweight yet incredibly durable. In fact, it can easily last for at least 30 years – and often much longer. This makes it more than worth the initial installation fee.

Fibreglass roof

soundproof and weatherproof

Whether it’s your porch or your conservatory, a GRP roof will keep the elements well and truly at bay. No more leaks or draughts – and ideal for anyone who is tired of putting up with the poor sound-insulation qualities of their current conservatory roof.

fibreglass roof at the back of property
row of windows

Is your current flat roof leaky? Contact Louth Glass now to ask about the myriad benefits of GRP roofing.

PHONE: 01507 607162

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